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GreenCast Korea - 개인정보보호정책

신젠타의 개인정보 사용에 대한 동의 및 개인 보호 정책



신젠타코리아는 웹상에서 사용하는 개인 정보를 존중합니다. 개인정보보호정책은 웹사이트를 통해 수집되는 정보에 대한 현재의 정책과 실행을 나타냅니다.
Syngenta Koea Limited is committed to respecting the personal privacy of individuals who use its Web site. This Privacy Statement describes Syngenta's current policies and practices with regard to personal information collected through its Web site, (this "Site").


이 사이트는(About this site)

본 사이트는 신젠타코리아에 의해 운영됩니다. The Site is owned and operated by Syngenta Korea Limited. ("Syngenta"). Syngenta is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Syngenta AG.



The terms "you" and "your" refer to you, individually. The term "personal information" means information about an identifiable individual, such as, the name, age, e-mail address or mailing address of the individual.


이 개인보호 정책의 변동에 대한 알림(Notification of Changes to This Privacy Statement)

신 젠타는 몬 사이트의 기능과 정보를 지속적으로 향상시킬 것입니다. 이 변화는 법률 및 기술의 변화에 따라 개인보호정책이 바뀌기 때문이며, 개인보호정책은 사전 안내 없이 변경될 수 있습니다.Syngenta is continually improving and adding new functionality and features to this Site and improving and adding to its existing services and programs. Because these ongoing improvements, changes in the law and changes in technology may require changes to this Privacy Statement, Syngenta reserves the right to update or modify this Privacy Statement at any time without prior notice. Syngenta will do so by posting an updated or modified version of this Privacy Statement on this Site. Your use of this Site following any such change constitutes your agreement that personal information collected from or about you through this Site after the revised Privacy Statement is posted will be subject to the terms of the revised Privacy Statement. For this reason, we encourage you to review this Privacy Statement regularly. 

이 개인보호정책은 2002년 1월에 변경되었습니다.
This Privacy Statement was last revised in January, 2002.


여러분의 동의사항(Your Consent)

이 사이트를 사용함에 있어서, 개인보호정책에 따라 여러분 개인 정보를 사용하고 수집하는 것에 동의하는 것입니다. 이 사이트를 계속 이용하는 것은 개인보호정책이 변화에도 계속해서 동의하는 것을 의미합니다. By using this Site, you are consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as set forth in this Privacy Statement. Your continued use of this Site constitutes your continuing consent to the terms of this Privacy Statement, as from time to time amended.


이 사이트를 통해 얻어지는 개인정보(What Personal Information Is Collected Through this Site?)

신 젠타는 여러분이 회원가입시 제공한 개인정보를 수집하여 소프트웨어를 다운받거나 여러분 개개의 요구에 맞게 사이트를 이용할 때 제공됩니다. 이 정보는 여러분의 이름, 회사명, 메일주소와 여러분의 관심사항에 관한 것들입니다.Syngenta collects the personal information you supply when you use this Site, for example, the information you provide when you register to use this Site, when you download software, or when you personalize this Site to meet your specific needs. This information includes, for example, your name, the name of your company, your or your company's mailing address, your e-mail address, and information about your interests.


Click-Stream Data

Syngenta may use technology to track your use of this Site, for example, which pages you view and which links you use. If you use a link on this Site to access information provided to us by third-parties, this technology will tell us how you use these resources. This information about your use of this Site and the resources available through this Site is called "click-stream data." Click-stream data helps us determine what is important to you, and what is not. It helps us decide what content and features to add and what to discard. It also helps us determine whether our Site is easy to use or whether we need to redesign certain pages and links. Click-stream data does not identify you personally, but it can be linked to your user name and password. If Syngenta links any click-stream data to your personal name we will treat it as personal information. 


Other Information Collected By Syngenta

When you access this Site, we may collect the following information and other information of a similar nature: the name of your Internet service provider, its IP address, and the name of its server; your operating system (Windows, MacIntosh, Unix, and so on); and your browser type (Netscape, Internet Explorer, and so on). This information does not identify you personally or your company and is not linked to your username or password. Syngenta uses this information to improve our Site and make it more compatible with the technology used by our visitors.


여러분의 개인 정보를 신젠타가 어떻게 이용하는가?(How Does Syngenta Use Your Personal Information?)

신 젠타는 개인정보를 여러분이 요구하는 특별한 요구에 대한 서비스를 제공하기 위해 사용합니다. 예를들어, 지역 날씨 정보를 이메일을 통해 제공할 때 여러분의 메일 주소를 이용합니다. 여러분이 관심있는 기사 또는 정보를 제공할 떄도 여러분의 정보를 활용합니다. 또한 여러분의 질문에 답변할 때도 이메일을 이용합니다.
Syngenta uses the personal information you supply to provide the information and services you request and to personalize this Site to meet your specific needs. For example, we may use address information to provide local weather information to you. We use information about your business to provide news articles that will be of interest to you. We use your e-mail address to respond to your comments and questions. We use name, contact, and other information to identify you personally and determine your legal capacity and authority to enter into binding contracts, such as the User Agreement or a software license.

Syngenta also uses the personal information collected through this Site to improve the content and functionality of this Site, to better understand our customers and markets, to improve our products and services and to market our products and services to our customers and potential customers, including those who are registered users of this Site. From time to time, we may contact you with offers and information about agricultural products and services we believe will be of interest to you. If you do not want us to contact you for such purposes,

위와 같은 목적으로 여러분의 정보를 사용하는 데 동의하지 않으시면 아래 'notify us'를 클릭하세요 

please notify us.

개인정보 공개(Disclosure of Personal Information)

신젠타는 신젠타내의 조직끼리 여러분이 제공한 정보를 공유할 수도 있습니다. 이를 원치 않을 경우 아래의 'notiry us'를 클릭하세요.
Syngenta shares personal information collected through this Site with its affiliates, who may use the information in the same ways as Syngenta may use the information. If you do not want Syngenta to share your personal information with its affiliates, please notify us.

Both Syngenta and its affiliates share personal information collected through this Site with third party vendors who act for or on behalf of Syngenta and/or its affiliates, for example, companies that provide support services to us or that help us market our products and services. These companies may need information about you in order to perform their functions. These companies are not authorized to use the information we share with them for any other purpose.

In addition, there may be some other, limited circumstances in which Syngenta or its affiliates may share or transfer the information in their databases to an unrelated third party, for example, to comply with a legal requirement, for the administration of justice, to protect your or your company's vital interests, or in the event of a corporate sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or similar event. 

Where appropriate, before disclosing personal information to a third party, Syngenta will contractually require the third party to take adequate precautions to protect that data against unauthorized use or disclosure. 


Data Integrity and Security

Syngenta strives to maintain the reliability, accuracy, completeness and currency of personal information in our databases and to protect the security of our databases. We keep your personal information only for as long as reasonably necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or to comply with any applicable legal or ethical reporting or document retention requirements. Our servers and our databases are protected by industry standard security technology, such as industry standard firewalls and password protection. The employees who have access to personal information have been trained to handle such data properly and in accordance with our security protocols. Although we cannot guarantee against any loss, misuse, unauthorized disclosure, alteration or destruction of data, we try to prevent such unfortunate occurrences.


Data Access and Corrections

If you wish to access or correct personal information collected through this Site, please contact us. Please provide enough information to permit us to identify your personal information. We will respond to your requests in a prompt and proper manner. If we can accommodate your request without incurring significant expense, we will attempt to do so. Syngenta does not charge for complying with a correction request; however, for all other requests, Syngenta may charge a small fee to cover its costs. Requests to correct or delete personal data are subject to any applicable legal and ethical reporting or document retention obligations imposed on Syngenta.



Syngenta does not knowingly collect personal data from children under the age of eighteen. If you are under eighteen, please do not give us any personal data. If you have reason to believe that a child has provided personal data to us, please contact us and we will endeavour to delete that information from our databases.


Link to Other Sites

This Privacy Statement applies only to Syngenta and its affiliates operate many different types of Web sites for different purposes and in different countries where different laws may apply. If you visit another Syngenta Web site, please take a moment to review the privacy statement posted on that site to learn what personal information may be collected through that site and how it is processed.

This Site may contain hyperlinks to Web sites that are not operated by Syngenta or one of its affiliates. These hyperlinks are provided for your reference and convenience only and do not imply any endorsement of the activities of these third-party Web sites or any association with their operators. Syngenta does not control these Web sites and is not responsible for their data practices. We urge you to review the privacy policy posted on any Site you visit before using the Site or providing any personal information about yourself.


Transfer of Data Abroad

Syngenta is part of a global enterprise. Syngenta and its affiliates have facilities and databases in different countries. Syngenta and its affiliates may, from time to time, transfer your personal data to a database belonging to Syngenta, an affiliate or a third-party in another country. Where appropriate, before disclosing personal information to a third party, Syngenta contractually requires the third party to take adequate precautions to protect that data.

Of course, the Internet is made up of a large number of international connections. If you are visiting this Web Site from a country other than the country in which our server is located (currently, the United States of America), the various communications will necessarily result in the transmission of information across international boundaries. 


Governing Law

This privacy policy forms part of the Syngenta Crop Protection UK User Agreement and as such shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the England and Wales.


개인정보보호정책에 관한 의문사항은(Questions About Our Privacy Policy) 아래의 'contact us'를 클릭하세요

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or concerns about the way Syngenta processes your personal information, please contact us or write to: